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Our mission statement

The Osteology Foundation is a global organisation that supports science, research training, and education in the field of oral tissue regeneration. The objective is to develop and share knowledge and understanding, leading to evidence-based clinical practice for the improvement of patient care.

True to its motto “Linking Science with Practice in Regeneration” the Osteology Foundation bridges the gap between scientific advancement and contemporary clinical practice, in the field of oral tissue regeneration.

Why the Foundation was established?

Dr. Peter Geistlich was always committed to scientific research, and promoted the development of new products and surgical techniques in close cooperation with researchers and clinicians. Extensive research and clinical testing of all innovations, as well as practice-oriented training in clinical applications, has been a major focus of Geistlich Pharma since it entered the field of regeneration in the mid-1980s.

In order to intensify this work, Dr. Peter Geistlich had the vision to create the Osteology Foundation as a platform that is "Linking Science with Practice in Regeneration". The main goal was to promote research as well as education for the benefit of patients worldwide. Independent research is a challenge for a company, but provides an important impetus in stimulating new developments.

Until he passed away at the age of 88 in July 2014, Dr. Peter Geistlich headed up Geistlich Pharma AG as the President of its Board of Directors. And even today, his name stands for the quality of Geistlich products and characterises the company in the long term.

The Osteology Foundation is committed to follow the visions and virtue of Dr. Peter Geistlich, a philanthropic gentleman, who has significantly shaped regenerative dentistry with his creative power, independent thinking, his courage and charisma.

Our founder and his vision


The Osteology Foundation was established in 2003 by Dr. Peter Geistlich, together with the company Geistlich Pharma and various like-minded experts.

Dr. Peter Geistlich was a visionary: already in the 1980s, he started to develop regenerative biomaterials. For this purpose, he established a business division within the Geistlich Group and invested in a new era.

In collaboration with international researchers – predominantly with Professor Dr. Philip Boyne from the University of Loma Linda in California - Dr. Peter Geistlich did pioneering work in bone regeneration, and was responsible for developments that have set milestones in regenerative dentistry.

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