Oral Regeneration in a Nutshell

Online version of the book by the authors Christoph Hämmerle, Giulio Rasperini, Daniel S. Thoma, and Nele Van Assche.

The book introduces novices to the complex but fascinating field of oral regeneration and provides a basic overview on indications, procedures and materials used. The essentials of periodontal regeneration, regeneration of bone and soft tissues, as well as ridge preservation, are introduced. The aims of the different therapies, underlying principles, clinical indications, and surgical procedures, are presented in a very simple way by means of illustrations and clinical images.

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The term “regeneration” describes the regrowth of tissue that is lost in such a way that its architecture and function are completely restored.

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Periodontal Regeneration

The aim of periodontal regeneration is to improve the outcome for a tooth by reducing the depth of pockets that have formed around it and by increasing periodontal attachment.

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Bone Regeneration

Guided bone regeneration (GBR) is a clinical technique that aims to augment missing bone at the alveolar process. It is generally performed along with implant therapy.

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Soft Tissue Regeneration

The aim of clinical soft tissue regeneration procedures is to augment keratinized tissue and to increase the volume of soft tissue. This will provide functional and biological stability of the tissues around teeth and implants.

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Ridge Preservation

Ridge preservation procedures aim to counteract the resorptive processes that occur after extraction of a tooth, which causes changes to the alveolar bone and soft tissue in both vertical and horizontal directions.

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Common Factors

Common factors to all procedures include the patient, as well as materials that are used in oral regenerative therapies.

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