Osteology Advanced Research Traineeships

The Advanced Research Traineeship aims to strengthen the link between research and education through a short-term, research-based training and learning approach. The core values of this programme are knowledge transfer, collaboration and network building.

The objectives are to teach and train individuals on the use of a certain technique, method or model as part of their professional development. A mentor at the receiving organisation provides guidance and shares expertise with the applicant, fostering collaboration at an individual but also institutional level.

Overall, the programme shall facilitate transnational and transdisciplinary exchange of knowledge and good practices, and lead to the development of new skills and competencies that the applicant transfers to their home institution and own research projects.

Who can apply?

This programme is meant primarily for early career researchers, but is not limited to them. Everyone with an academic or industrial research affiliation, who needs research training in the field of oral tissue regeneration, can apply for this programme.

Amount of funding

Personal grant
The personal grant of CHF 2’000 / month shall be used by the selected Trainee to cover travel and living expenses. A full-time commitment of the grantee to the traineeship is expected. The traineeship can last for up to 3 months.

Institutional grant
The institutional grant of CHF 2’000 / month shall cover expenses related to the training of the grantee. This can be for instance costs for consumables or rent of laboratory equipment. Moreover, this grant may be used to support educational activities of the grantee during the stay (e.g. course fees).

Receiving organisation

The receiving organisation, which hosts the grantee, may be a higher education institution, research institute, foundation or laboratory (both academic and industrial). The institution can be chosen freely.

Awarding criteria

The Osteology Advanced Research Traineeships are awarded based on:

  • Convincing recommendation and support letter
  • Clearly described need for training, together with the applicant’s and supervisor’s CV
  • Specific and realistic training agreement with link to oral tissue regeneration
  • Financial needs will be considered

Application Guidelines

The necessary documents (templates) for submission can be downloaded during the submission process on THE BOX platform.

Application Submission

Submit application (opens a new page on proposalcentral.com. Please sign up/log in to be able to submit your application)

Applicants must submit their grant application between 1 March and 15 May at 23:59 CET, for projects starting latest on 1 February of the following year.
If you have questions, please send an e-mail to: grants@osteology.org