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Enabling research to pioneer and advance oral tissue regeneration

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The Osteology Foundation provides flexible funding opportunities for research groups and individuals alike.


For research groups running projects in oral tissue regeneration, various options are available both for early-stage and for more experienced research groups. The Foundation's funding criteria prioritise clinical relevance and originality to advance the field.

For individual researchers, funding options range from support to attend our Research Academy courses all over the world, to short-term Traineeships, to yearly Scholarships at one of our prestigious Scholarship centres. By enabling transnational exchanges, they facilitate the development of new skills and competencies that can be transferred to own research projects at the home institutions.

Research grants

Applied Research Grants,
Joint Large Clinical Grant

Applied Research Grant

Available to early-career and established researchers with a translational or clinically relevant idea. Projects up to 200'000 CHF are funded.

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Joint Large Clinical Grant

Offering up to 350'000 CHF per year, this programme aims at supporting extensive clinical research studies led by very experienced research groups. This programme is run in collaboration with the Geistlich-Stucki Foundation.

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Individual researcher grants

Enabling careers to pioneer and advance oral tissue regeneration

Advanced Research Traineeship

This short-term grant provides personal and institutional funding for individuals to learn a certain technique, method or model at an institution of their choice, as part of their professional development.


Research Scholarship

One-year grant allowing the Scholar to work on a research project in one of the Osteology Research Scholarship Centres. An outstanding environment and experience for basic and clinical research enthusiasts.


Research Academy Grant

These grants entitle the recipient to participate free of charge at an Osteology Research Academy of choice. Learn research fundamentals and get the chance to develop a unique scientific network.

Research Academy Grants

Good to know

Guidance about research deadlines, detailed applications, review and decision-making process

Will the Researcher Grants be offered again next year?

Yes, if nothing else is stated on our website, the grant system is continuously open for submissions. See our application deadlines.

Are international researchers eligible to apply?

Yes, all our granting programmes are open to the international research community.

Is there a template to follow when submitting a main application?

No, there is no specific template to be followed. However, you can use our Research Wizard or Biostatistics Wizard on THE BOX to navigate the essentials of a grant application. For formatting guidelines, please consult our application guidelines.

Does the 12-page page limit for the main applications include references and/or budget justification?

Yes, the 12 pages must include all your references and the budget justification. An appendix is only allowed for institutional overhead regulations (max. 2 pages) or an approval document from an institutional review board, for example.

Can potential funding be used to cover salaries, tuition fees or travelling costs?

Yes, partially. Our granting guidelines allow for a maximum of 25% of the total funding amount to cover the salaries of scientific staff. Technicians or statisticians, for example, can be budgeted in addition to the 25%. Tuition fees should fall into the 25% limit to receive support.

Travelling costs must be reasonable and budgeted accordingly, and can be part of the requested funding.


Can I allocate funding to publication costs?

Yes, since 2019 it has become mandatory to budget costs for the publication of research findings. We strongly encourage all grantees to publish their results in open access journals.

What is a budget justification and what does it consist of?

A budget justification is a detailed overview of every item and its costs that is going to be used in the proposed research study. Items such as personnel, equipment, supplies, experimental and analytical procedures, travel, publication and institutional overhead costs shall be included. If your project is part of an umbrella project and other financial resources support the proposed project, it must be made crystal clear which parts shall be supported by the Osteology Foundation and which parts are covered by additional funds (a comparative table is useful).

Can I edit my application after submission, even if the application deadline has not passed yet?

No, this is not possible. For technical reasons the application cannot be edited anymore once submitted. Please contact the Osteology Office ( to request changes.


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