Legends of Oral Regeneration

legend /ˈlɛdʒ(ə)nd/ noun

1. a traditional story sometimes popularly regarded as historical but not authenticated.

2. an extremely famous or notorious person, especially in a particular field.

The Honorary Board members of the Osteology Foundation look back on an eventful past with a lot of stories. With them, the field of oral tissue regeneration has evolved and their work has had a positive impact on the health of many patients around the world. We believe they can rightly be called Legends of Oral Regeneration. But how did they achieve their reputation? What decisions have had an impact on their careers? And what adversities did they face?

We ask the Honorary Board Members to tell us their legends - and not withhold them from you. In the new podcast format of the Osteology Foundation, we put a current Board Member face to face with a former Board Member and try to find out what makes them what they are today: Legends of Oral Regeneration.