Amit Gaikwad's Advanced Research Traineeship


What do you think went well in terms of project work during this Traineeship?

There was incredible support in terms of research infrastructure and modern facilities. Although we had a well-planned traineeship project, I was encouraged by my mentor Meike Stiesch, to think outside the box and make the most of my time at Hannover Medical School. Therefore, I was not only able to reach all the milestones of my project, but also learn additional molecular biology and microscopy techniques. I was also able to participate in the clinical discussions and presentations, which is very exciting for me as a clinical scientist.


What final benefits (professionally and personally) do you take home from the Osteology Traineeship?

I had the opportunity to work in an international research environment with multi-national team members of the AG Stiesch lab. It has opened for me new opportunities both internationally and at my home institution. This traineeship has particularly helped me to establish new collaborations and connect with people who share common research interests. 


How did you perceive the mentorship, research team, and working atmosphere?

Meike Stiesch is an expert clinician and an accomplished researcher. It was very inspiring to learn from her indefinite commitment towards the development and improvement of implant biomaterials and techniques. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude to the entire team of AG Stiesch lab, especially to Dr. Andreas Winkel, for their continuous support and providing friendly working environment throughout the traineeship period. We often had group lunches or dinners, which I really enjoyed.

What would you do differently if you could start the Osteology Traineeship programme again?

If I had to do traineeship again, I would make a few changes to my approach. First, I would start the application process earlier. This would give me enough time to formulate my research proposal for traineeship in a more polished way. It is very important to work on every minute detail beforehand because considering the duration of the traineeship, I would prefer to spend more time progressing than overcoming challenges.


How will you incorporate the learnings of the Traineeship, back at your home institution?

We are already in the process of establishing an advanced implant research centre at my home institution. This traineeship has given me the exposure and the skills needed for the planning and the implementation of such projects in terms of technologies and the techniques for such a research centre. I would also be able to support my students in a better way when we use these methods for their projects.


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