Highlights 2022



Looking back on 2022 brings lots of positive emotions back to life. The Osteology Foundation schedule was neatly packed, from January all the way to December. It was a real pleasure to meet again with friends, partners, scholars and participants of our events all around the globe and engage with them in a wide range of educational and scientific activities.

Enthusiasm and excitement are tangible when looking at the pictures representing the highlights of 2022. The National Symposia in Japan, Germany and Italy were long awaited get togethers. The Research Academies in Lucerne, Rio de Janeiro and Vienna got the next generation excited in oral regeneration. The collaborations with the European Federation of Periodontology, the American Academy of Periodontology, Sepa, DGI and ADI showcased the strong scientific background driving all our activities. By welcoming new scholars to are programmes for young and advanced researchers we’re making sure those connection keeps persisting. And of course our webinars and podcasts are much appreciated standards no one wants to miss.

With that we say thank you for 2022. Stay connected. There’s more to come in 2023.