Best way to establish international collaborations



Why did you apply for the Osteology Research Scholarship?

On the one hand this is a unique opportunity to spend one year learning and working in great research centers, sharing, discussing, and researching with different people from different countries. On the other hand, I wanted to expand my networking, and these Research Grants are scientific milestones to establish international collaborations.


Marion Arce (left) in the lab with her colleagues at Complutense University Madrid

Why did you apply for this particular center?

My particular interest in this center was because the Department of Periodontology at the Complutense University of Madrid is a well-known prestigious team. They have a vast trajectory and remarkable development in their lines of research in Periodontology, mainly because they work from basic science to clinical science.

What did you expect to learn during this scholarship year?
Improve my clinical research skills, create networking in research, and learn as
must as possible regarding clinical and basic research.

How do you experience the mentoring and social environment?
My experience here at UCM has been fantastic, both on a human and professional level. The team in the laboratory and the clinic is outstanding. Dr. Mariano Sanz is a great person, mentor, and leader; he is always willing to listen, support and teach.


Happy faces: Marion Arce (center) with her mentor Mariano Sanz

To which extent have your expectations been met so far?
My expectations have been significantly fulfilled; it has been six months of
exceptional learning, sharing with colleagues from different countries, and
participating in various clinical and basic science research projects. I have also
had the opportunity to share activities with the students of the Master of
Periodontology and to attend lectures with excellent professors such as Dr. Lang, Dr. Trombelli, Dr. Zabalegui, and many more.

Why would you recommend other participants would-wide to apply for this opportunity?
Because it is a fantastic experience and one life opportunity to meet, share, learn, research, and more in only one year.


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