"I was given space to grow, but also nudged in the right direction"

Ninad Padhye's research scholarship has come to an end. Originally a periodontist at the Wadia Hospital & Research Centre in Mumbai, India, he was selected for a one-year research scholarship in Frankfurt, Germany, under the mentorship of Frank Schwarz. Read on to find out more about his experience in Frankfurt and what he would have done differently.

What do you think went well in terms of project work during this year?

Right from the first day of my scholarship year, we started off with multiple projects. Hence, there was no wastage of time and work was carried out quite smoothly. Prof. Schwarz would, at regular intervals, ask about the progress reports of the projects; thus, ensuring efficiency. We had extensive support from the lab staff for troubleshooting. The lab was also equipped with most of the armamentarium that was needed for our projects.

Ninad Padhye working in the lab


What final benefits (professionally and personally) do you take home from the Osteology Scholarship year?

The scholarship year was a milestone for me, both professionally and personally as well. It gave me a chance to step out of my comfort zone and explore a different work environment. I got to experience the finer nuances of working on histology projects and also got the opportunity to refine my skills in scientific article writing. I also made a lot of friends during my year in Frankfurt, which I will cherish for a lifetime.

Ninad Padhye and the team around Frank Schwarz at the Carolinum Goethe University Frankfurt


How did you perceive the mentorship, research team and working atmosphere?

A regular day at Carolinum would begin with a meeting with Prof. Schwarz and the team. This made it quite easy to communicate and exchange ideas on a daily basis. As a mentor, he would give me the space to grow, while also nudging me in the right direction and motivating me to keep breaking my own limits. Additionally, I had the pleasure of working with two previous Osteology Research Scholars (Ausra Ramanauskaite and Emilio Cafferata), who would guide me on the day-to-day tasks.

There was, of course, an initial adjustment curve when I started my scholarship year, particularly due to the language and registration formalities. But I could get through it easily owing to the fantastic team.

Ausra Ramanauskaite and Ninad Padhye


What would you do differently if you could start the Osteology Scholarship programme again?

If given the opportunity, I would maximise my 12-month scholarship period by beginning the project outline and summary even before my term started. That way, I could get started with the hands-on work immediately after joining.

Ninad Padhye with his mentor Frank Schwarz


Ninad Padhye with friends and colleagues in Frankfurt


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