"The best scientific year of my career"



What do you think went well in terms of project work during this year?

The activities and projects undertaken in the department were bigger than expected. I had the opportunity to participate in and develop several projects during this year. My colleagues and my mentor included me in various ongoing projects and we developed new ones during the scholarship period. Additionally, courses, congresses, and PhD defenses arranged by the department stimulated my ideas and work skills. Publications were achieved and projects for the future planned to continue our research collaboration. 


What final benefits (professionally and personally) do you take home from the Osteology Scholarship year?

The benefits (both professionally and personally) are immeasurable. I can absolutely say that this has been the best scientific year of my career. I have had the chance to focus on several projects with the support of highly renowned professors/researchers and was able to absorb knowledge every day. My experience in dentistry and research increased exponentially with publications, congresses, traineeships, collaborations, opportunities, successful applications, and networking. Personally, the life-experience in Sweden was amazing. It has promoted intense changes in my way of thinking about the environment, people, and dentistry, stimulating an open mindset for my future.   

How did you perceive the mentorship, research team and working atmosphere?

There are some incredible people in the Department of Biomaterials – GU. The professors, researchers, collaborators, and PhD students are extremely kind and pleasant and I only had good times with this team. There is an atmosphere of intense scientific pursuit associated with enjoyable and friendly interaction. My mentor, Prof. Christer Dahlin, provided me with the best experience possible, not only for sharing knowledge, including me in projects, and teaching me about bone regeneration/osseointegration but also for his generosity in giving me an insight into life in Sweden. This mentorship interaction between work and personal life stimulates a perfect environment for long-term partnership, and I am so grateful for these moments.   


What would you do differently if you could start the Osteology Scholarship programme again?

I would not change anything about this year. The Osteology scholarship year provided me with so many opportunities, so much knowledge, friends and experiences that it is impossible to think about changing this enjoyable time. My hope is to improve and continue this progress achieved during the programme. Currently, I am aiming to develop projects with the Department of Biomaterials, create multi-centric projects, and focus on linking preclinical research with clinic treatment. I only wish that the upcoming years continue to be as intense and fruitful as this remarkable year.