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Interdisciplinary Perio-Ortho Treatment of Post-Orthodontic Gingival Recession

Christos Katsaros & Anton Sculean

27 March 2024, 19:00 GMT

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Learning objectives:

  • to discuss the role of active orthodontic treatment and fixed retention in the development of gingival recession

  • to illustrate the clinical situations that need orthodontic preparation prior to surgical coverage of gingival recession

  •  to demonstrate, through numerous clinical cases, the biological background and clinical relevance of the surgical techniques developed for covering gingival recessions

Esthetic complications after implant placement: A clinical discussion

QMUL & Manchester University

More information to follow

Zygomatic implants and severerly atrophic ridge

Chris Butterworth

More information to follow

Regeneration techniques around immediate implants

Leandro Nunes

More information to follow

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