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International Symposium

Join us in Barcelona in 2023 for our renowned international congress under the motto WE ARE RE:GENERATION.

National Symposia

They provide training in oral tissue regeneration, delivered locally in multiple countries and languages worldwide.

Education Standards

We apply the highest standards to all our continuing education activities and are ADA CERP accredited.

Research Education

Find the next opportunity to unlock your potential and advance your scientific career in our Research Academies.

National Osteology Groups

Since 2018 National Osteology Groups enable a closer connection to the younger audience in different countries. Run by a Leadership Team country-specific strategies are being applied to provide education on oral tissue regeneration for a broad audience and in local language.

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Research Education

The design of a well-defined research protocol and the selection of an appropriate methodological approach can be challenging. However, these are the foundations for successful and impactful scientific projects. The Osteology Foundation, together with leading experts in dental medicine, has developed a continuing education format to address these challenges: the Osteology Research Academy.

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Oral Regeneration Topics

Explore a new topic every six months with our free Webinar, Key Publication interview, and Scientific Radar – all available on THE BOX at no cost. Expand your knowledge with our wealth of insights covering a growing range of topics.

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Our two podcast series, "Legends of Oral Regeneration" and the "Next ReGeneration Podcast", bring exciting stories to life. The "Legends" podcast follows the lives of pioneering figures in oral regeneration who have become true legends, while the "Next ReGeneration" podcast features novel perspectives relevant to the dental profession. Tune in and discover the fascinating world of oral regeneration!

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Oral Regeneration In A Nutshell

This booklet provides an introduction to oral regeneration for beginners. It covers ridge preservation, periodontal regeneration, bone- and soft-tissue regeneration using illustrations and clinical images. The aim is to present the underlying principles, clinical indications, and surgical procedures in a simple way. It's not a comprehensive textbook but a basic overview of the topic.

In a Nutshell

Trailer Guided Bone Regeneration film

Unveil the fascinating world of signals and intercellular communication in bone regeneration through "Cell-to-Cell Communication: Guided Bone Augmentation." This 15-minute 3D-animated film delves into the hidden processes within the human body. Watch the full version online for free on THE BOX, featuring insights from renowned experts on the Advisory Board.

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We are stronger together than we are alone. Therefore, the Osteology Foundation leverages collaborations with leading dental organisations and societies worldwide.

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