Enhance your daily clinical routine with our tools for the dental practice: checklists, case documentation and expert advice for challenging situations.

Surgical checklists

Osteology Surgical Checklists contain essential criteria that have to be checked during treatment planning, as well as before and after surgery. The checklist can protect both the clinician and the patient from any unexpected errors. Upon this basis, create your own surgical checklist to apply to your clinics.

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Osteology CASE BOX

The Osteology CASE BOX contains cases uploaded for different clinical scenarios. User decides whether they want to share their cases, or whether they only add the data for overall evaluation and compare it with the mean.

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C&C Forum – Challenges & Complications

In the C&C Forum you can ask other users for help in challenging cases or when you have a complication. All entries are sorted in “open” and “solved”. Click on “I need help” to share your complication and ask the community for help. You can also do it anonymously, if you prefer.

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