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Enabling talent to pioneer the path to revolutionising oral tissue regeneration

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Flexible funding opportunities to address sound clinical research questions in the field of oral and maxillofacial tissue regeneration.

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Scholarships, Traineeships and Education grants to facilitate the development of new skills and competencies, that can be transferred to own research projects.

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Osteology Research Academy courses

To enhance the quality of research and create a unique scientific network, the Osteology Foundation offers a format of continuing education through the Osteology Research Academy. With leading experts in dental medicine behind these courses, hundreds of students have already taken advantage of the gained knowledge to propel their research projects forward at their home institution.

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Gramado, Brazil

27 April

A full day packed with insights on how to run a clinical research study, answering today’s clinical questions with the leaders in oral tissue regeneration.

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Gothenburg, Sweden

15-17 May

Lectures complement practical laboratory sessions, leading to a comprehensive understanding of the host response to biomaterials used in oral tissue regeneration.

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London, UK

13-14 June

In-depth insights into the crucial aspects of setting up and running a clinical trial in dental medicine.

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Lucerne, Switzerland

9-11 September

A comprehensive training on the skills required to run a preclinical or clinical research study, in the heart of Europe.

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Vienna, Austria

6-8 November

In-depth insights into how to process hard tissues using histological techniques to answer today’s clinical questions in oral tissue regeneration.

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