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16 April 2024 at 17:00 AWST (Perth) 19:00 AEST (Sydney) 21:00 Auckland (New Zealand) - Recession Coverage and Soft tissue regeneration around teeth

Faustino Mercado

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1,5 CE credits

Dressing-up teeth and implants for the occasion: The art and science of soft tissue phenotype.

Teeth and dental implants are subjected to numerous, continuous and prolong wear and tear in our mouth. Aside from these it is expected to look good for any occasions.

This Webinar will:

1) Discuss the consensus on what is the ideal soft tissue phenotype on teeth and implants (gingival thickness and keratinised tissue).

2) Discuss various surgical techniques on improving gingival phenotypes using autologous soft tissues.

3) Discuss various surgical techniques and indications on usage of alternative soft tissue materials such as xenografts and allografts.

4) Discuss the role of available biologically active materials and its role in improving soft tissue phenotype on teeth and implants.

5) Detailed pre- and post-operative protocols after mucogingival surgical procedures.

22 May 2024, 17:30 AWST (Perth) 19:30 AEST (Melbourne) 21:30 Auckland (New Zealand) - Soft tissue management around implants before, during and post implant placement

Ivan Darby

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Improving Aesthetic Outcomes Focussing on the aesthetic zone this presentation will discuss the life of an implant used to replace teeth 15 to 25. It will cover from extraction to peri-implantitis looking at preparation of the site prior to placement, hard and soft tissue augmentation at the time of placement, tissue augmentation at uncovering and how to best preserve aesthetics when managing peri-implantitis. Ridge preservation or socket grafting is a contemporary technique, but is it really needed. Simultaneous augmentation is a popular paradigm but does it actually provide the results we and patient want. Soft tissue augmentation comes in and out of fashion, but again does it make a difference. Lastly, management of peri-implantitis is difficult often resulting in recession or implant loss.

13 June 2024 at 17:30 AWST (Perth) 19:30 AEST (Melbourne) 21:30 Auckland (New Zealand) - Prosthodontic options in soft and hard tissue management

Chris Ho

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This presentation will focus on foundational understanding of the peri-implant tissue anatomy, in particular the implant papilla and mid labial margin around dental implants. Oftentimes there is a focus on surgical techniques to enhance results, however use of prosthetic techniques can greatly assist to improve aesthetic and functional outcomes. Understanding the influence of sub-critical and critical contours around implant restorations can improve the final result and enhance the aesthetic outcome. Furthermore, current research has emphasised how the emergence angle of an abutment may also influence marginal bone levels and peri-implant tissue health for our patients. A/Prof Ho will highlight different techniques attendees can use in practice to improve clinical practice and will showcase different examples to demonstrate how to apply the different principles discussed.

22 July 2024 - Biomaterials selection in PI therapy

Alberto Monje

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Reconstructive therapy of peri-implantitis is indicated in contained defects. This approach proved safe and effective. It entails the use of bone grafts with or without barrier membrane. Nevertheless, it is still unclear the most suitable biomaterials to be used, including bone grafts, barrier membranes and biologics to succeed in reconstructing the defect. The aim of this webinar is to provide further insight into the different alternatives in terms of biomaterials in the reconstructive management of peri-implantitis and the evidence-based effectiveness of them.

7 August 2024 - P4 periodontics

Mark Bartold

More information to follow

September - Regeneration for Immediate Implant

Adam Hamilton

More information to follow

3 October 2024 - Treatment of peri-implant disease

Giovanni Salvi

More information to follow

December - Navigation compassion fatigue in healthcare: a guide for resilience

Dimitra Mirsina

More information to follow

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The group launched with a live streaming event at the International Osteology Symposium in Barcelona on 29 April 2023. The Leadership team was visited by Osteology Foundation Board Members Lisa Heitz-Mayfield and Saso Ivanovski together with the renowned Australian speaker Stephen Chen.