National Osteology Group USA

Welcome to the National Osteology Group USA (NOG USA), your gateway to the world of oral tissue regeneration and education.

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As part of the Osteology Foundation's mission to foster the connection with younger audiences around the globe, NOG USA is thrilled to provide a tailored approach to oral tissue regeneration education in the United States.

Our country-specific strategy is designed to make education on oral tissue regeneration accessible to a broad audience, with case competitions, webinars and occasional live events and courses. Membership in the group is entirely free of charge, requiring only a simple registration.

Stay tuned for further details about our programs, activities, and the upcoming launch of NOG USA, all of which will be announced soon. We invite you to explore the National Osteology Group USA and embark on a journey of knowledge and connection.

Already planned activities include: 

Welcome National Osteology Group USA (NOG USA)

Launching on 8 November 2023

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