Austin chronicles: NOG USA launch and AAP symposium success


On 8 November, the Osteology Foundation's new venture, NOG USA, was introduced with a reception for selected members and friends from the Osteology Community. Sejal Thacker leads the NOG USA Leadership Team, which includes Shayan Barootchi, HimaBindu Dukka, Jessica Latimer, Acela Martinez, Pooyan Refahi, and Ryan Wong. Together, they unveiled their 2024 vision, initiating the first wave of activities like Case Competitions and Webinars aimed at involving and assisting young researchers.


In tandem with these efforts, NOG USA has already established a dynamic presence on social media with an active Instagram channel @osteology_usa. The ambassador programme, another key initiative, has brought onboard 18 1st or 2nd year residents to serve as ambassadors. These representatives will be pivotal in disseminating information about the Foundation's offerings, such as researcher grants, scholarships, webinars, online tools, and the plethora of freely accessible online content available on THE BOX, the Foundation's own community platform. For those eager to join or learn more, provides all the necessary information with a direct link to THE BOX. 



Educational Triumph at the Regeneration Symposium 

Another highlight of the meeting was the Regeneration Symposium on 9 November, marking the 5th installment of this successful collaboration with the AAP and the AAP Foundation. This educational feast provided a comprehensive programme on the past, present, and future of Guided Bone Regeneration (GBR), drawing in a captivated audience of around 1300 participants. 


A Deep Dive into the past, present and future of GBR 

Renowned experts, including Christer Dahlin from Sweden, presented a retrospective of GBR, tracing its roots back to the first in-vivo animal studies in 1989. He illustrated the journey of GBR, from its inception to the present day where it stands as an established clinical treatment method with approximately 4 million GBR surgeries performed annually out of about 20 million implant surgeries worldwide. Dahlin emphasized the PASS principle for GBR success: Primary Wound Closure, Angiogenesis, Space Maintenance, and Stability. He also shared insights into the cellular and molecular evidence suggesting a novel role of the membrane during GBR, acting as a bioactive compartment, as indicated by research from Turri et al. (2016). 

Daniel Buser from Switzerland contributed significantly with his analysis of the current status of horizontal and vertical augmentation. The images accompanying his presentation emphasized the critical factors for successful implant integration and the various strategies for addressing bone defects post-extraction. The treatment options spanned immediate to late implant placement, underlining the importance of selecting the correct approach based on clear criteria to ensure successful outcomes. 

Other speakers were Diego Velasquez, talking about the current status of socket management, and Bradley McAllister, on the future of bone augmentation.  

The session was excellently moderated by Pamela McClain on behalf of the Osteology Foundation, and Joan Otomo-Corgell on behalf of the AAP Foundation. 

The Foundation's Engaging Presence 

The Osteology Foundation also set up a booth at the prime location of the exhibition hall entrance, attracting numerous participants interested in learning more about the OF, the newly launched NOG USA, and other involvement opportunities. 

Looking to the Future 

The leadership teams from both organizing foundations met to celebrate the success of this event and reaffirmed their commitment to continue and strengthen this beneficial collaboration in the coming years.  

The Osteology Foundation extends heartfelt thanks to all speakers, moderators, the NOG Leadership Team, and the vibrant group of friends and members of the Osteology Community who made these events so memorable. With such a successful launch and symposium, the Osteology Foundation looks forward to expanding its activities in the US, fostering a growing network of professionals dedicated to the field of oral tissue regeneration.