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botiss biomaterials GmbH

Hauptstr. 28

15806 Zossen, Germany

+49 33769 / 88 41 992


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botiss is one of the leading companies in the field of dental bone and tissue regeneration, based in Germany. All botiss products are manufactured according to the highest quality controls and scientific standards to offer outstanding biological reliability and performance for a successful and predictable treatment outcome. The comprehensive range of high-quality, clinically proven solutions includes membranes for GBR and soft tissue reconstruction, as well as a full range of bovine, allogeneic and synthetic bone substitute materials.

The indication-oriented products are used worldwide in over 100 countries.

Get in touch with our latest innovations at our booth:
NOVAMag®, the first mechanically strong but completely resorbable magnesium membranes and screws in dentistry.
cerabone® plus, unique in the world of xenografts, combines bovine bone with hyaluronate.
botissCARE – empower prevention – the extension of our portfolio to optimize the basis for improved oral health, with vitamin D test and supplement being the first highlight.