Quintessence Publishing


Quintessenz Verlags GmbH

Ifenpfad 2-4

12107 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 / 76180-5


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The Quintessence Publishing Group, founded in 1949 in Berlin, Germany, is an internationally leading publishing house committed to quality and providing the latest scientific and clinical information to meet the varying needs of the dental community. Quintessence Publishing is represented with its own publishing houses in 13 countries and collaborates with licensing partners in another 12 countries.

For more than 70 years the Quintessence Publishing Group has served the developmental and educational needs of dental professionals, dedicated to making available to the entire dental team a global resource of cutting-edge research, experience, expertise and knowledge.

Quintessence Publishing collaborates with more than 3,500 authors worldwide. Another core competence of Quintessence is the organization of national and international congresses, symposia and workshops.

Quintessence Publishing is renowned for its high quality publications and takes pride in maintaining its high standards to impart specialist knowledge in the dental field. The company produces dental books, multimedia and journals that can be ordered via website, email or telephone.