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Our two podcast series "Legends of Oral Regeneration" and the "Next ReGeneration Podcast" bring exciting stories to life.

Legends of Oral Regeneration

The Osteology Foundation is proud to present you its podcasts.

It started with "Legends of Oral Regeneration" back in January 2022.

In the episodes of this podcast series, Honorary Board members of the Osteology Foundation look back on an eventful past with a lot of stories. With them, the field of oral tissue regeneration has evolved and their work has had a positive impact on the health of many patients around the world. We believe they can rightly be called Legends of Oral Regeneration. But how did they achieve their reputation? What decisions have had an impact on their careers? And what adversities did they face?

> Legends of Oral Regeneration



The Next ReGeneration

In 2022, the "Next ReGeneration Podcast" was launched to involve the next generation in oral tissue regeneration.

In this podcast, we feature hot topics and novel perspectives - always with relevance to the dental career and practice. Join the hosts Anina Zürcher and Elena Calciolari as they speak with new guests from around the world each month and learn more about what's important for the next generation in oral regeneration.

> Next ReGeneration Podcast