SEPA'24 Bilbao Annual Meeting

Clinical Excellence Based on Scientific Evidence

SEPA/Osteology Foundation Symposium

SEPA'24 Annual Meeting, Bilbao, Spain





New horizons in periodontal regeneration.


The Osteology session on 31 May offers a look into the future of periodontal regeneration. Treatment concepts, wound healing, and surgical approaches including the choice of biomaterials will be discussed. Renowned national and international experts will share their insights and expertise, providing attendees with a well-rounded understanding of this topic. Through a combination of presentations and discussions, participants will gain valuable knowledge that can enhance their clinical decision-making and patient outcomes.


Anton Sculean, Switzerland
Elena Calciolari, Italy
Filippo Graziani, Italy
Nikolaos Donos, United Kingdom

Nerea Sánchez, Spain (SEPA)
Nikolaos Donos, United Kingdom (Osteology Foundation)


Educational Objectives

  • Understand the current state of periodontal regeneration, including its challenges, advancements, and best practices.

  • Apply the acquired knowledge to clinical scenarios, making evidence-based decisions regarding surgical approaches in periodontal regeneration.

  • Evaluate the current materials for periodontal regeneration procedures, considering their indications, limitations, and outcomes.

  • Discuss the emerging trends and future directions in periodontal regeneration, including innovative techniques and technologies.


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Session Programme - 31 May 2024

Opening and introduction  
Nikolaos Donos (Osteology Foundation)
Nerea Sánchez (SEPA)
Guided tissue regeneration or periodontal regeneration? Anton Sculean,
Wound healing events following surgical procedures for periodontal regeneration Nikolaos Donos
United Kingdom
Single flap approaches with papilla presentation Filippo Graziani
Xenograft, allograft, is there anything else? Elena Calciolari